Advancing the game, grain by grain.

The Pure journey started with husband and wife, Stuart and Lyndall Tighe, in 2002 on NSW’s north western black soil plains.

From this successful farming business, 18 years later – PURE was born. Our Grower Partners cover hundreds of thousands of hectares of broadacre farms across Australia. PURE’s diverse team spans industries, the country and the globe. Ours is a business backed by passion and innovation.


We’re passionate about collecting, tracking and tracing data. This is key to our ability to be transparent, and crucial to the authenticity of the story behind each product. Our systems include investment in accredited programs and the development of an integration platform that allows data collation across disparate information systems to monitor resource use and environmental variables from Grower Partners to end users.


We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers requirements are met. We actively align demand with supply and build long term trusted relationships throughout the value chain.

Our end-to-end service means we can coordinate the product from farm to market, providing an information conduit to allow our customers to make better decisions, to share in knowledge, to continuously improve and to share in the value created – and that’s what makes all the difference.


At PURE, we innovate to meet our customers’ growing demands. Our management systems incorporate farming, procurement, transportation, distribution and marketing to effectively compete in the global marketplace.

We know that transparency is no longer just optional, so we’ve opened up a digital door-2-door platform that offers a level of transparency never before seen in the agricultural industry.

“The land and its people is at the heart of our business, always searching for something better, to deliver long lasting improvements to both the food we grow, the communities in which we live and the customers we serve.”

Champions of the environment. Pushers of more sustainable processes. And advocates of a better way forward.